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A hit of the sublime: coastal redwoods, Muir Woods National Park.

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Ichiju-sansai lunch at Brushstroke, Tribeca, NY, left; stencilled cherry blossom nori rolls, right.

My blog Walking and Talking is about the various subjects I cover: culture, food, art, health and Japanese American life. I'll also be exploring my new neighborhood in New York City, the Upper East Side - uncharted territory after seven years in the West Village. To read my chef profiles and food and travel reviews for the web site Cravings, just click on the links at the bottom of my profile page.

Eating Disorders News is the PsychologyToday.com blog that I write with my co-author, Dr. Marcia Herrin. We've covered subjects as diverse as eating disorders in the United Arab Emirates, mealtime parenting tips from the movie Little Miss Sunshine, to the under-recognized problem of boys and eating disorders.


Americans are woefully ignorant of the talent that lies to our north. So now that I've become a second-time Torontonian, get ready for some re-education! For starters, read this Food & Wine breakdown of chef Michael Stadtländer's pine-themed dinner, held, naturally in his own Ontario pine forest. In another F&W story, part of a series on the American food system, I profile Heritage Radio Network dynamo Erin Fairbanks.

If you'd like to see more on the intersection of food and our environment check out my Civil Eats article on the surprising truth about where your organic grass-fed beef is probably coming from, or this one on the  researchers trying to save our bee population. In Edible Brooklyn, I meet sustainable fish advocate Yuji Haraguchi at his new Williamsburg, Brooklyn fish shop Osakana. For fans of locally made artisanal cheese, here's the tale of Consider Bardwell.

Many idolize her and some think she's crazy, but judge for yourself. Here's my People magazine profile on Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo.

A sleek modernist Florida kitchen is the subject of this Wall Street Journal article, or check out my Journal story on Brooklyn metal sculptor Vallessa Monk. In this one I visit the Bucks County home of restaurateur/real estate adviser Mark Amadei. This story showcases the work of Canadian designer Anne Hepfer.

Here is the Acres USA article I wrote on the Japanese organic farm Konohana Family, where microbial fermentation plays a key role in every aspect of its success. Other sustainable ag articles include this Civil Eats piece on the upstate farm of food leader Mary Cleaver and her husband Ashley Hollister, and this one about a pasture-based rancher targeted by animal rights activists.

For some local color, read my story on where to eat on Manhattan's Upper East Side. For the magazine Naturally, Danny Seo, I profiled tech entrepreneur-turned wellness guru Constantin Bisanz and vegan chef Oliva Roszkowski.

On the sake front, read my story on Fukushima sake maker Yasuhiko Niida, whose commitment to brewing organically redoubled after the Tohoku earthquake and nuclear disaster, or my Medium profile on one of the top women master brewers in Japan, Miho Imada. For Punch, I visited the Tokyo lab of an expert in sake yeast and learned how he's looking to flower yeasts to help save the industry. In Edible Manhattan, I trace the increase in popularity of sake  in New York City.

My latest stories for Discover Nikkei are on my recent trip to Japan with the organization World in Tohoku to help social ventures there thrive, and an interview with filmmakers Robert Nakamura and Karen Ishizuka. Also on DN is this article on my mother's return to the Heart Mountain, Wyoming U.S. government prison camp where she and her family were held captive for three years during World War II.