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Jacob Hashimoto's "Skyfarm Fortress" at Mary Boone Gallery, Chelsea, through October 25.

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At the Union Square Greenmarket: Samples from king of root vegetables, Paffenroth Farms, left; onions and peppers, S & SO Produce Farms.

My blog Walking and Talking is about the various subjects I cover: culture, food, art, health and Japanese American life. I'll also be exploring my new neighborhood in New York City, the Upper East Side - uncharted territory after seven years in the West Village. To read my chef profiles and food and travel reviews for the web site Cravings, just click on the links at the bottom of my profile page.

Eating Disorders News is the PsychologyToday.com blog that I write with my co-author, Dr. Marcia Herrin. We've covered subjects as diverse as eating disorders in the United Arab Emirates, mealtime parenting tips from the movie Little Miss Sunshine, to the under-recognized problem of boys and eating disorders.


To celebrate the first day of the New Year, the tradition in Japan is to eat ozoni, a steaming bowl of dashi-based broth filled with toasted rice cakes and vegetables. That dish, and the communal mochitsuki (mochi rice cake pounding) that precedes it, are the topics of my Saveur article. In another Japanese food and drink-related article I trace the rise in popularity of sake in New York City.

The shortage of young farmers in the U.S. hasn't gone unnoticed. Read what I wrote on the topic in this Wall Street Journal story. If you like yogurt, read this Journal story on the boom in low-sugar, savory, and Middle Eastern yogurts. In Civil Eats, I look at the potential of maple water to save forests.

I visit the midcentury modern pad of superchef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, where all clutter is banned, for this Wall Street Journal article. Check out the stunning slide show. In Edible Hudson Valley, I wrote about Vongerichten's Inn at Pound Ridge.

The Natural Gourmet Institute has been teaching people how to cook healthy organic food for 40 years; I profile the school here. You can read my profile of Danny Meyer's catering company Union Square Events, which sources heavily from local farms, in Edible Manhattan.

In the magazine  Organic Gardening, two of my articles have recently appeared: The United Nations of Bread, about the all-women baking outfit Hot Bread Kitchen, and another about a group of composting middle schoolers and their dynamic teacher.

Invasive species cost  our economy well over $120 billion a year in damages to land, seas and crops. My Atlantic.com story "Have You Ever Tried to Eat a Feral Pig?introduces the chefs and hunter-gatherers who are fighting back.

My recent contributions to the Web site Cravings include this feature on charcuterie. You can also check out my review of the book DIY Cocktails and this peek at the Japanese pottery store Sara. From my Japan trip: sushi, museums, and seasonal eating.

Entries on poet Lawson Fusao Inada and artist Roger Shimomura are my latest contributions to the Densho Encyclopedia, which catalogs the people, events, and organizations that were part of the WWII Japanese American exclusion and incarceration.